Getting in to the World Series

28 May 2008 In: poker

My attempts to get into the World Series of Poker for free have so far been unsuccessful. I’ve been using 2 sites in attempting to get in:

  • Full Tilt Poker – users have to make it through 3 rounds of freerolls in order to get to the main event. First rounds are held many times a day in 225-person or 450-person Sit And Go’s, second rounds 4 times a day and final rounds are once a week. I’ve made it to the second round multiple times, but not beyond that.
  • Poker Stars – there are only 2 rounds here. The first round is held every hour, but users can only participate once a week and there are usually around 3000 players. I’ve never made it past the first round.

Of course, in order to make it to the series for free, you have to get even luckier than usual. People play very erratically and usually go all-in on hands they would never play at a real table. I wonder what other sites out there offer good freerolls. More info as I come across it.

Hello World

27 May 2008 In: blogging

Well, I’ve just finished setting up the latest version of WordPress and this is my first post. Please excuse the current sloppyness and lack of information, but I’ll be adding as time goes on. I’ll be trying this out as my first blog that isn’t a Facebook, MySpace or Yahoo!360 post, so let’s see how it goes. Check back for lots more info on life in LA and elsewhere. Woohoo!

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